Dr. XU Gu Gen


Guangdong second general hospital

Dr. XU Gu Gen Photo


1.Director, Department of Endocrinology, the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province
Director of the Sugar and Obesity Reversal Center, the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province
Director, Guangdong Institute of Diabetes Reversal
Standing member of Diabetes Branch, Guangdong Medical Association
Vice Chairman of Obesity and Weight Management Committee of Guangdong Province
Vice Chairman of Thyroid Professional Committee and Wound Management Branch of Guangdong Medical Industry Association
Chairman of Diabetes Management Committee, Guangdong Medical Association
Chairman of the Diabetes Reversal Professional Committee of Guangdong Geriatric Health Care Association
Attending Physician​
Endocrinologist ​
Department of Endocrinology​
Department of Diabetes and Obesity Remission Centre, Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital​