Prof. WANG Fu Chun


Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prof. WANG Fu Chun Photo


Dr. Wang Fuchun, a distinguished male scholar, holds the esteemed positions of Chief Physician and Second-level Professor. He is also a Doctoral Supervisor and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Academic Committee at Changchun University of Chinese Medicine. Recognized as a "Qihuang Scholar" under the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Leading Talent Support Program, he is a guiding light for the academic experience inheritance of nationally renowned old Chinese medicine experts from the sixth and seventh batches.

As a specially-appointed professor under the Changbai Mountain Scholar program, Dr. Wang's expertise extends to being the Chairman of the Acupoint Application Professional Committee of the China Acupuncture Association. He also holds the position of Vice Chairman of the External Treatment Method Technology Professional Committee under the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

In his capacity as President of the Jilin Province Acupuncture Association, he leads key disciplines under the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His academic contributions are extensive, with over 300 published papers and more than 200 academic works edited and published under his name. His commitment to nurturing future generations is evident in his successful training of over 200 doctoral and master's students.