Prof. ZHANG, Xuebin
(HK, China)

Professor of Practice,
Clinical Division

School of Chinese Medicine,
Hong Kong Baptist University

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ZHANG Xuebin

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School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University


TCM; COVID-19: Tele-healthcare


As everyone knows, during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the 5th Wave in Hong Kong, people surfered a lot because they could not receive proper healthcare. Chinese medicine community in Hong Kong responded promptly by providing tele-medicine service to help those infected people who were of mild to moderate severity, so that they can recover from COVID without hospitalition. In HKBU Chinese Medicine Clinics, I have seen over 100 patients using telemedicine methods. These patients included those suffered from COVID-19, or from other diseases such as chronic esophagitis or gastritis with intestinal metaplasia, which is a cellular change in the tissues that may be a precursor to cancer. I found that the TCM telemedicine practice was safe and patients responded to the treatments in a similar way as those provided through face-to-face consultation.



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Prof Zhang graduated from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in 1989 and obtained her Master degree and MD degree at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. She has been engaged in clinical practice, teaching and research of internal and pediatrics of Chinese medicine in Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM for over 21 years. She also studied at the Zhongshan Medical University and Changhai Hospital of Shanghai where she learned Western medicine and endoscopic interventional therapy & Endoscopic Ultrasonography respectively. Before coming to Hong Kong, she was Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, supervisor of postgraduate students of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, and nominated as the 3rd generation of succession for CM expertise academic experience in China.

Prof Zhang excels in treating internal and pediatrics diseases with Chinese medicine, especially in treating diseases of gastrointestinal diseases, such as chronic gastritis, digestive ulcer, reflux esophagitis, gastrointestinal tumor, liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases by Chinese medicine treatments and acupuncture. She is also good at prevention and treating of tumors and miscellaneous diseases relating to spleen and stomach by CM.

Prof Zhang has chaired and participated in several research projects of bureau or department level in the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has issued more than 20 academic papers and journals. She has edited or participated in editing books such as 《脾胃續論》,《消化科專病中醫臨床診治》and several CM publications.