Dr. ZHANG, Jialing
(HK, China)

Chinese Medicine Practitioner;
Postdoctoral Fellow; Ph.D

Centre for Chinese Herbal Medicine Drug Development,
School of Chinese Medicine,
Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. ZHANG, Jialing Photo


ZHANG Jialing

Other Author:

Jingyuan luo, Cheung Chun Hoi, Wong Hoi Ki, Tang Hiu To, Zhaoxiang Bian

Author Affiliation:

School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University


COVID-19, Omicron, Telemedicine, Chinese Medicine, HKBU-TCMC


Huge non-hospitalized and self-quarantined infection cases and limited medical resources during the 5th wave of omicron-dominated COVID-19 outbreak. Hong Kong Baptist University quickly established the Telemedicine Chinese Medicine Centre (HKBU-TCMC) to relieve the huge pressure on the Hong Kong (HK) healthcare system. The telemedicine mode was successfully applied, which consisted of four components: 1) Online and telephone registration for patients with COVID-19 RAT or PCR positive results; 2) Appointment confirmation by HKBU-TCMC; 3) Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ online consultation; 4): Delivery of Chinese herbal medicine to patients. HKBU-TCMC successfully provided 41,153 online consultation services and 177,955 doses of Chinese herbal medicine from February to May 2022. HKBU-TCMC also applied a new medical consultation system, which had 18,692 consultation records from March to May 2022. Advantages of this new system include standard data format, user-friendly, data exporting function, etc. The approach of telemedicine traditional Chinese medicine against infectious disease proved to be feasible and effective during this wave of outbreak.




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Jialing ZHANG is a postdoctoral fellow in School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her current research focuses on the effect of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for managing gastrointestinal diseases and cancer treatment-related adverse events. She received a Ph.d degree in Chinese medicine from the University of Hong Kong (2021), and a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in acupuncture from Southern Medical University (2014 and 2017, respectively). Her studies seek to integrate both clinical and basic research to understand the mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effect of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.