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TCM medication, Canadian, Regulatory Framework


Pandemic or not tele-healthcare is going to happen sooner than later in Canada for many different reasons. Canadian publicly funded healthcare system has encouraged the use of tele-healthcare even before the pandemic. One of the key components of tele-healthcare is the prescription and delivery of medications to the patients. This is especially challenging for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Western World as many countries do not recognize the healing effects of herbal medicines. Globally, there are multiple approaches to the licensing of TCM Doctors/Practitioners and the herbal medicines they prescribe.

This presentation focuses on the Canadian experience in the medication prescription part of tele-healthcare. The Natural Health Product (NHP/TCM) regulatory framework of Canada is presented to provide an example of the implementation challenges and opportunities in tele-healthcare. This presentation will attempt to provide some history, unique characteristics, and motivations for the Canadian framework. It is followed by describing the details of the regulatory framework that has established Canada as one of the most progressive TCM medication licensing countries in the Western World, and how it can help to speed up the tele-healthcare deployment.

The presentation discusses the potential benefits of TCM tele-healthcare in Canada including timeliness of medication, access to expertise, rapid delivery, reduced staff burnout, and healthcare cost reduction. Some of the risks in the TCM medications component of tele-healthcare are also presented. They range from the management of endangered species, animal rights, lack of common standards, and diversity of medication supplies are also discussed.


Lloyd Sciban, The Status of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada, CES Volume 46 Number 1 (2014), 181-196

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BA Sc. electrical (U Toronto), MA Sc. (U Toronto), MBA(Ivey), CISM, P. Eng.

Over 25 years of experience in information technology in the telecommunication and medical industry with career responsibilities spanned from the Director of Architecture of Sprint Canada to Chief Technology Officers of Kela Medical, Ingle International and OSCAR EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Daniel had successfully helped the Family Medicine department of McMaster University to spin off the OSCAR EMR operation to a private group.

Over 17 years of experience in quality management in Traditional Chinese Medicine licensing and manufacturing. He is a certified consultant in the areas of cGMP, ISO9001, ISO13485, HACCP, GFSI and GAP. Daniel was a member of the Health Canada TCM advisory committee Member 2012-14, advising the Minister of Health of the Canadian government.

Currently a management consultant in the areas of medical and information technology for Cyctek Inc. and United Wings Enterprise.