Prof. LIN, Zhixiu
(HK, China)

Professor and Director

School of Chinese Medicine,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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LIN Zhi-xiu

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School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Long-COVID; Chinese Medicine


COVID-19 has significantly impacted the wellbeing of those who are infected with the coronavirus and the world’s economy. The post-COVID consequences, sometimes called Long-COVID, have lengthened the impact of COVID pandemic. Chinese medicine has frequently been used for the treatment of coronavirus infection and Long-COVID in mainland China and Hong Kong, however, the clinical evidence on its efficacy and safety remains less known. In this talk, I will report on a systematic review on Chinese medicine treatment for Long-COVID. In addition, I will share with the audience my personal experience in treating the common symptoms of Long-COVID using Chinese medicine.



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Conflict of Interests:

The author reports no conflicts of interest related to this study.


BSc in Medical Science (TCM, Guangzhou University of TCM, 1987)
PhD in Pharmacognosy (King’s College London, 1999)

Working Experience:
1987-1990 Medical Doctor, the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Research Institute of TCM, China.
1991 - 1998 Herbalist and acupuncturist, Institute of Chinese Medicine, London, UK
1998 - 2002 Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Science, Middlesex University, London, UK
2002 - 2003 Assistant Professor, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau
2003 - 2010 Assistant Professor, School of Chinese Medicine, CUHK
2010 - 2020 Associate Professor, School of Chinese Medicine, CUHK
Start from 2017 Associate Director, School of Chinese Medicine, CUHK
Start from 2017 Director, Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine
Start from 2020 Professor, School of Chinese Medicine, CUHK

Expertise :
Chinese medicine (Clinical practice)
Clinical trials on Chinese medicine
Pharmacology of Chinese medicine

Research Interest :
R & D on Chinese medicines for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
Clinical trials on the effectiveness and safety of Chinese medical interventions, including (1) acupuncture for overactive bladder in elderly; (2) an innovative Chinese herbal formula for atopic dermatitis; (3) Chinese herb Gou-teng for mild cognitive impairment; (4) modified Wu-Zi-Yan-Zong-Wan for male infertility; and (5) a Chinese herbal prescription for leg cramp in elderly.
Pharmacological evaluations using in vitro and in vivo models on herb-drug interactions between Chinese medicines and pharmaceuticals in the areas of hyperthyroidism and prostate cancer.
Phytochemical studies of Chinese medicines.
Literature reviews using systematic review and meta-analysis approaches on the effectiveness and safety of Chinese medical interventions including herbal medicine and acupuncture & moxibustion.