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Tianjun WANG, Haier FU, Lingyu LEE, Shengbing ZHU, Diansheng YU, Yan WANG, Feng WANG, Shulan TANG

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UK Voluntary team on TCM practitioners against COVID-19


COVID-19, TCM, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Seniors


Incidence and prevalence of infected Covid-19 are still rampant in the West and most countries throughout the world from 2020 to 2022. Although the incidence of infected Covid-19 in developed countries has decreased by the popular vaccination, it is still anxiety and worries to make more serious widespread from the varied coronavirus. It is a rigorous fact that there still is higher mortality among seniors, special seniors who are resided in nursing homes. For seniors, the infected Coronavirus may product them a disastrous attack according to their pre-existing diseases, complications accompanied by Covid-19, and post-syndromes caused by Covid-19. Their Covid-19 may be more complex, more serious, harder to find fast and effective therapies and easier to become the post-syndromes which will make a bad influence on their quality of life for the rest of their life.

TCM focuses on the individual case, and can pay attention more to their pre-existing diseases, complications with Covid-19, and the possibility of post-syndromes production while some anti-coronavirus herbs are prescribed, so a more fixed prescription is made. In the UK, a voluntary team of TCM practitioners has been treating plenty of patients. In this clinical trial, we collect 156 cases and classify them into two groups: over 45 years old as the observing group and under 44 years old as the contrasted group, incidences of pre-existing diseases, complications and post-syndromes are observed separately; their results after treated by Chinese medical herbs are also observed. We recognize from these observations and analysis that TCM treatment can significantly stabilize pre-existing diseases, treat complications together and prevent post-syndromes occurrence while treating Coronavirus.

Conclusion: TCM is a suitable treatment choice for people with Covid-19, even better for the seniors with a clinical complex state.


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Ms Dan Jiang TCM consultant ( awarded by WFCMF) , Fellow of British Acupuncture Council, Fellow & Mentor of ATCM who was graduated from Beijing University of Chinese medicine as bachelor medical course of TCM in 1978, master medical courses in 1882 & 1987 with master medical degree. She has been practicing acupuncture & TCM since 1991 in Sheffield & Harley street of London UK. As the editor in chief for book of "Principle & practice TCM in the West" and "TCM in Management of Long Covid-19 Syndrome"; as the author for and ; as first author for , , , are published in the world scientific publishers; more than 50 of professional papers are published in the international journals of Medicine & sciences.

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