Prof. LI, Guangxi

Professor of Medicine

Guang An Men Hospital,
China Academy of Chinese Medicine

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LI Guangxi

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Guang An Men hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medicine


COVID-19; Chinese Medicine


Clinical evaluation revealed traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is very effective in the treatment of COVID. We also need to know how that efficacy changes over time, and how new viral strains alter the TCM syndrome pattern. Acute lung injury induced by COVID-19 is the most important devastating condition. Viral and host features including baseline conditions lead to Cytokine storm. Incidence of Cytokine storm caused by different COVID-19 strains tracking would require robust linkage among clinical outcomes. Early intervention with TCM could prevent acute lung injury which is the key to helping humankind get through this pandemic smoothly.



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Director of Respiratory Department of Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science

Assistant Professor of Mayo Clinic Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Department and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Center

Director of the Computational Medicine Professional Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Vice Director of Respiratory Professional Committee of Beijing Association of Chinese Medicine

Standing member of China Association of Chinese Medicine Pulmonary Disease Branch